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All of our items for sale are As-Is-Where-Is and we don't offer any warranties, guarantees or refunds. It is your responsibility to inspect and be confident in your purchase whether it's with us or anyone selling a vehicle. If you are a customer here in the United States and would like to buy one of our items for sale we can arrange for a third party diesel mechanic to inspect the item you are interested in before you buy. Just let us know you would like an inspection report and we will find a third party to complete the inspection and let you know the additional costs to do so. Semi Trucks have running operational parts (as we all know) and if you aren't close enough to come look yourself then let us set up an inspection for you. Semi Trailers are a little easier to buy on pictures alone, but you want to make sure you see good pictures of the tires, airbags, flooring, cross members, i-beams, etc. The last thing you want to do is get a trailer home and need to spend another 5-10 thousand on a welding job. Make sure the cross members don't have any cancer rust on them or welds in areas where they shouldn't be that would affect the structural integrity of the trailer. Make sure the frame rating is what you need it to be for the heaviest loads you carry. You don't want to overload a trailer you just bought and crack it because you didn't pay attention to the details. We strive to put as much accurate information about each of our listings as possible and if there is anything we didn't put down that you have a question about please ask us so we can find out for you. Let us know the application you are using the truck or trailers for so we can better assist you with the right truck or trailer you need. Every detail matters and the more we know the better we can get you what you need. We thank you for your business and appreciate all of our past, current and future customers.